A: ampere (amp)
ac: alternating current
A/D: analog-to-digital
ADC: analog-to-digital converter
ANSI: American National Standards Institute
ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC: application-specific integrated circuit
b: bit
B: byte
bps: bits per second
C: capacitance
CAN: Controller Area Network
CJC: cold junction compensation
CMRR: common-mode rejection ratio
COM: Component Object Model
CPU: central processing unit
CSMA/CD: carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
D/A: digital-to-analog
DAC: digital-to-analog converter
DAQ: data acquisition
DAS: data acquisition system
dB: decibel
dc: direct current
DCE: data communications equipment
DCOM: Distributed Component Object Model
DCS: distributed control system
DDE: Dynamic Data Exchange
DIO: digital input/output
DLL: Dynamic Link Library
DMA: direct memory access
DSP: digital signal processing
DTE: data terminal equipment
EEPROM: electrically erasable programmable ROM
EMF: electromotive force
EMI: electromagnetic interference
EPROM: erasable programmable ROM
FIFO: first-in first-out
GPIB: General Purpose Interface Bus
GUI: graphical user interface
HMI: Human-machine interface
hz: hertz
I/O: input/output
i: current
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
JTFA: joint time-frequency analysis
L: inductance
LED: light emitting diode
LSB: least significant bit
MAC: media access control
MFLOPS: million floating-point operations per second
MIPS: million instructions per second
MMI: man-machine interface
MUX: multiplexer
ODVA: Open DeviceNet Vendors Association
OLE: Object Linking and Embedding
OSI: Open Systems Interconnect
PC: personal computer
PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCMCIA: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PGA: programmable gain amplifier
PID: proportional-integral-derivative
PLC: programmable logic controller
R: resistance
RFI: radio frequency interference
RMS: root-mean-square
ROM: read-only memory
RTD: resistance temperature detector
SCADA: supervisory control and data acquisition
SE: single-ended
S/H: sample-and-hold
SNR: signal-to-noise ratio
SPC: statistical process control
SQL: Structured Query Language
SS: simultaneous sampling
STP: shielded twisted pair
TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TTL: transistor-to-transistor logic
UTP: unshielded twisted pair
V: volt

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